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I'm Yura, a senior engineer at REBL..based in Lviv, Ukraine.

Now I lead the Angular engineer's community and believe that all engineers must follow 3 key principles, which are described below.

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About our company
Our 3 principles:

let me explain our values presented above:
About our company

After 8h working day - clear daily status is an important requirement.
We believe that day without plan/status - must be unpaid
About our company

Writing software has also the law. We write "legal" software code
About our company

We feel a difference between bureaucracy and effective communication

We excel at:
Development new web & mobile products based on JS stack (Angular / NodeJS)
Transforming existing digital solutions to meet a new challenging level
JS consulting for startups & established businesses
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Yuriy Deneha
Engineer, team lead
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