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I'm Yuriy Deneha, CEO at REYBLE.Outstaff
I take the pain out of hiring and managing top notch software engineers

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Outstaffing Process
The full path:
2-3 meetings
2-3 meetings
Evaluating your needs
Yuriy Deneha, CEO
You will work with Reyble manager to define the specialist (or the team of specialists) that would best serve your project. We want to get a very clear picture of what you are looking for. We might organize additional consultations to fine-tune the requirements for our developer search.
2 - 6 weeks
2 - 6 weeks
Candidate selection
Iryna Bilaniuk, Head of Recruitment
Reyble recruiters shortlist specialists in accordance with your requirements and preferences. We perform the first round of interviews with the candidates to identify those that might be ready to join your project's regular team. Then, we pass on our top candidates to you
1 meeting
1 meeting
Interview with the client
At this stage, you can screen and interview the top specialists we identified. You ultimately make the choice, because it's about more than just finding a coder who ticks all the boxes. You want someone who understands your company's values so you can achieve the best possible results together.
1 free week for evaluation
1 free week for evaluation
Getting started
The first week (5 working days) is free. it's a great opportunity to evaluate the skills of your chosen developer at work. Reyble specialists, alongside members of your company, will help the developers through an onboarding period.
Ongoing support
Yuriy Deneha, CEO
Once onboarding is complete and the developers are fully up to speed, Reyble provides the necessary administrative support for your offshore staff members. We also provide a comfortable working environment for your remote developers. It will feel as if they are in your offices.
Engineers rate based on experience
Ukraine is one of the few countries where you can find premium-quality IT specialists with hourly rates lower than the international average
Junior Software engineers

0.5 - 1.5 years of experience

1-2 weeks hiring duration
Middle Software engineers

1.5 - 4 years of experience

2-4 weeks hiring duration
Senior Software engineers

4+ years of experience

3-6 weeks hiring duration
Ongoing management support

We take care of all the administrative back-office work such as workspace, payroll, mentorship, taxes, HR, retention, education, etc.

Yuriy Deneha
81% clients choose us because we give opportunity to evaluate the skills of engineer during 7 days of onboarding
for FREE
⭐ TOP 1 reason why you should work with us
I have only positive feedback. Reyble engineer sent videos showing the progress during development, kept me updated and was very easy to work with. Did the code as I wanted (maintainable and using best practice). The end result was exactly as the screenshots from the designer. Will not hesitate to use him again.
Kaspar Bach Pedersen
Tech partner at minebier.dk
very professional developer. very compliant . already have the new job for engineer
Sagiv Daniel
CTO, founder at Go-heja
Say "Hello ✋" and I'll be most happy manager in the world


Yuriy Deneha
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